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Hi. :) Welcome to my Harry Potter fanfiction journal. This is where I post about stories that I’ve read, and other things dealing with Harry Potter (and fanfiction). Sometimes I even post about my life, although that’s mostly an exception. Anyway, a lot of the things that I write about deal with slash, and adult topics (NC-17), so if you’re underage it might be better if you didn’t read. Also, some of the topics might be found disturbing by some people (meaning topics such as slash – go figure), so, err, yeah. You have been warned. :)

Feel free to friend me – I really don’t mind. I f-lock personal and more controversial posts, so I will friend you only if your journal isn't empty or if you come and introduce yourself. :) If you see any broken links, mistakes, etc. on the journal, please tell me so that I can fix them. I really won’t mind, as long as you’re polite about it.

About me (really short): I’m 27 and I live in Sweden. I like cute furry little animals, and anything that contains chocolate. I love to read and watch good (or very very bad) films.

Important links:
* My Harry/Draco rec list: Harry/Draco Portal
* My art rec list: working on it
* List of Long, HBP-compliant Harry/Draco Stories
* List of Long, HBP-compliant Harry/Snape Stories
* Thematic fic lists: Fics with Original Horcruxes & Harry/Draco kilt fics
* Thematic art lists: Fanart making fun of canon, Fanart making fun of fanon & HP crossover fanart
* Fics that I've written can be found here.
* Other lists, my thoughts, rants, etc. can be found in my Memories.


Information about the layout can be found in the journal at the bottom of the sidebar. :)

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