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Sulky Rhino
Harry/Draco stories - Aurors & similar 
1st-May-2007 08:31 pm
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~*~ Aurors ~*~

Agnus Dei (R; or here) by silentauror
"Mystery abounds in the Auror Department, and two of the Aurors find themselves experiencing a friendship more intense than it should be."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Animal Arc (NC-17) by enchanted_jae
"His whereabouts having been discovered by the Ministry, Draco tries to make a run for it. Which Auror will be dispatched to bring him in?"
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, established relationship, medium.

Are You There, God? It's Me, Draco (NC-17) by floweringjudas
"Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they're gay teachers. It makes sense in context."
Notes: Written for hd_holidays Summer 2007. Post-Hogwarts, humour, medium.

Biting Privileges (R; fic has been taken offline) by crucio_4_coffee
"Harry Potter has the most biteable arse in the world. Draco Malfoy can't help but notice. Wooing ensues."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, humour, short.

bywyd ar Mawrth (NC-17; or here) by nqdonne
"(Life on Mars) When former Death Eater informants start turning up dead, Auror Harry Potter must take star Daily Prophet reporter (and owner) Draco Malfoy into protective custody."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Caribbean Blue (NC-17) by The Ruby Moth
"Harry has had a secret crush on Draco for years, but can't dredge up the Gryffindor courage to face possible rejection. When a plot to assassinate Draco comes to light, Harry rushes to his rescue. There's no time like the present for Harry to take his long-overdue enforced holiday, with help from Draco who is seemingly intent on calling him out on his crush at every turn."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Clearly an Idiot (R; or here) by dacro WIP
"Two Aurors tracking a murderer are running out of time. The little information they have managed to scrape together leads them to a shady Goth club, and a former enemy."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, magical creature fic, short.

Control Issues (NC-17; or here) by silentauror
"Harry is an Auror, Draco is a psychologist. A sudden transfer to the New York branch of the Auror Division lends new challenges... and a special surprise adventure. This is a serious story written on a crackerific premise!"
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, established relationship, short.

Dancing Devils in His Eyes (NC-17; or here) by furiosity
"Five years after the war, Harry and Draco are forced to work together on an assignment. Draco's been pursuing Harry ever since the thing with Oliver Wood didn't work out, but Harry has too little respect for Draco to take him seriously. Could anything in the world change that? Features Protean Charms, attempted forgery, a long walk and the immortal phrase "London is the capital of England.""
Notes: Written for the second wave of slashfest. Post-Hogwarts, medium.
Sequel: Don't Miss the Train (NC-17; or here) by furiosity

Disturbing the Peace (NC-17; or here) by moonflower_rose
"Draco wakes with a hangover, no memory of the previous night, and a rather sore orifice..."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.
Sequel: Assault, Trespass and Vandalism (NC-17; alternative links below) by moonflower_rose WIP
Links (sequel): ch. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Downloading Porn (NC-17; or here) by emmagrant01
"Draco tries to figure out how computer porn works. "
Notes: Written for pantymelts Computer sex challenge. Post-Hogwarts, short.

Drop Dead Gorgeous (R; alternative links below) by mistful WIP
"Harry and Draco are Auror partners, when Harry finds out he's part Veela." (my summary)
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, magical creature fic, humour, long. The sequel is a retelling of the fic from Draco's POV.
Links: ch. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Sequel: The Way We Get By (R; links below) by mistful
Links (sequel): ch. [1] [2] [3] [4]

The Fall of the World's Own Optimist (PG; or here) by mizbean
"A Death Eater's Lament, or the absurd, and sometimes sad, story of what really happened to Draco Malfoy."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, short.

Fantastic Breasts & Where to Find Them (NC-17; or here) by ishafel
"Harry tries something outside his comfort zone."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, magical creature fic, humour, short.

From the Brink of Twilight (NC-17; or here) by furiosity
"Draco Malfoy had been born into power, watched his family stripped of that power, then faced a terrible realisation: power was relative. Harry Potter had grown into power because of who he was, but he rarely gave it much thought, now that he had it. A difference akin to that between light and dark, though it wasn't clear to either of them which side was the dark side. As the war faded from memory and time, these two lives ended up on a collision course. Anything might happen when they meet in that strange hour on the brink of twilight."
Notes: Written for serpentinelion Secrets and Wishes Fest 2007. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Gay Aurors (NC-17; or here) by charlotteschaos
"Episodic crackfic: Draco Malfoy mysteriously returns to London a badass and is partnered up with a very grumpy and very gay Harry Potter."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, magical creature fic (a bit), humour, long.

Haeddu (NC-17) by amatia
"There's only so much death a man can stand. Harry/Draco, previous Harry/Fred."
Notes: Draco defects from the Death Eaters. Harry is an Auror that has to protect him. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Harry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition (R) by mirasfics
"Harry comes back from vacation with an inconvenient case of vampirism and must learn to cope with blood, Malfoy, and recalcitrant secretaries. And if that doesn't tell you everything about the plot you need to know, you haven't read enough badfic."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, magical creature fic, humour, medium.

In Which Harry Potter Discovers a River in Egypt (NC-17) by kestrelsparhawk
"A missing roommate, a mysteriously familiar male prostitute, murdered Muggles, and an angry boss are all making life difficult for Auror Harry Potter. And that's before he discovers that the reason he's avoided having girlfriends for three years is not only because he doesn't like publicity."
Notes: Written for hd_holidays Summer 2007. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

King Cobra (NC-17; or here) by megyal
"Auror Malfoy is an undercover agent in the employ of a drug baron. His job? To locate a deep cover agent by the name of Harry Potter, assist him in closing down the drug operation, and then extracting them both, alive. His case takes him to Jamaica, where everything will be won or lost within the coils of the King Cobra."
Notes: Written for hd_holidays Summer 2007. Post-Hogwarts, short.

Left My Heart (NC-17; or here) by emmagrant01
"Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to find him."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, long.
Sequel: Surrender the Grey (NC-17; or here) by emmagrant01

Make Your Penis Huge! (R) by mahaliem
"Harry and Draco are Aurors who are assigned to work an unusual case."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, humour, short.

Malfoy Manner (NC-17) by legomymalfoy
"Auror Harry is sent to protect Draco at the Malfor Manor." my summary)
Notes: Written for merry_smutmas 2005. Post-Hogwarts, short.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Grinch (R; or here) by nmalfoy
"Draco isn't interested in the Secret Santa shit, so why is he getting gifts?"
Notes: Written for harry_holidays 2006. Post-Hogwarts, short.

Momenti Diversi (NC-17) by zarah5
"In which you'll find the Italian sun, some sexual tension, a reluctant Harry and a persuasive Draco."
Notes: Draco goes to Italy to try and convince Harry to come back to work as an Auror. Post-Hogwarts, medium.
Alernative links: ch. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Noir (NC-17; or here) by indigo_kitti
"Life's always a mystery. Especially if you're Harry Potter."
Notes: Written for hd_holidays 2006. Post-Hogwarts, short.

None But the Brave Deserves the Fair (NC-17; or here) by cutecoati WIP
""Potter. If you say 'I can't believe I'm doing this' only one more time, Voldemort's final attack will seem like a visit to the pet zoo to you." Harry and Draco are on a mission for the Ministry..."
Notes: Written for the serpentinelion Secrets and Wishes Fest. Post-Hogwarts, short.

Not Ours to Command (NC-17; or here) by furiosity
"When a poisoning case ends up on Harry's desk at the Auror HQ, Harry finds himself backed up against the wall. Figuratively speaking. Features typical Slytherins, a minor parade of house-elves, a toddler-chasing Ron and a rude talking mirror."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Of Discussions and Repercussions (the First-Time Heavy Shakes Remix) (NC-17) by corvidae9
"Harry and Draco have worked together for a long time and yet, still can't manage to relate to one another without unrelenting snark, if no longer malice. When Draco discovers touchy information about Harry's personal life, it's open season."
Notes: This is a remix of Of Discussions and Repercussions by ficlette, written for hd_remix 2006. Post-Hogwarts, short.

Old City Jasmine (NC-17; or here) by silentauror
"Harry is woken suddenly one night when Death Eaters break into his flat and is whisked away to Damascus and the wonder of the ancient world."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, short.

Original Sinn (NC-17; or here) by raven_hunter WIP
"Harry and Draco had a mission. It was simple. Find out who stole the artefact, and get it back from the Muggle fencing it. Not as simple as it sounds, when you both hate each other with a passion, and the Muggle starts falling for your straight partner, who you need to help handle the Muggle Gay Scene. And what happens when you start falling for him too?"
Notes: Written for the two_broomsticks Fall Fic-a-Thon. Harry and Draco are aurors. Post-Hogwarts, long.

Partners (NC-17) by megyal
"Draco (with glasses!) and Harry are assigned partners during Auror training; Veela!Draco with suddenly attracted and irritated!Harry."
Notes: Written for slashfest. Post-Hogwarts, magical creature fic, humour, short.

The Perfect Drug (NC-17) by 1ightning
"In which Draco's life is shady, Harry is out to save the world from itself, and revenge turns sour."
Notes: Written for hd_holidays Summer 2007. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Playing Dirty (NC-17; or here) by fourth_rose
"Draco has issues. Harry is surprisingly perceptive, determined as ever, and rather good with his mouth."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, established relationship, short.
Sequel: Coming Clean (NC-17; or here) by fourth_rose

Reprieve (NC-17; or here) by furiosity
"Seven years after the war, Harry heads up the Auror Office's Internal Investigation Division. One Tuesday morning, he runs into ex-Azkaban convict Draco Malfoy and after that everything turns upside down."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Safe House (NC-17) by profmckitten
"Harry and Draco get locked in a safe house for their own protection."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Sometimes They Burn (NC-17; or here) by emmagrant01
"After the War, Harry Potter makes Draco Malfoy an offer he can't refuse – and Draco discovers that his own demons are very real."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

The Stolen Child (NC-17) by ella_bane & maeglinyedi WIP
"Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy; unwilling partners in their third and final year of Auror training. But when their first assignment ends in a tragedy, they are forced to combine their talents and skills to unravel a mystery and bring a murderer to justice."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Subtle Nuances (NC-17; or here) by anjenue
"In the quest to find fugitive Lucius Malfoy, Auror Harry Potter finds something else entirely."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

The Surveillance Series (NC-17) by enchanted_jae WIP
"Written for the AWDT, in which the prompt was 'Are we having fun yet?' And also, since I missed out on the 'It was a dark and stormy night' challenge, I tossed that in here, too. Read one, get one free!"
Notes: Harry and Draco work together as Aurors. They spend one night together, after which Harry wants to keep shagging Draco, while Draco tries to resist him. Post-Hogwarts, long.

A Test of Character (NC-17; or here) by silentauror
"Draco Malfoy is nearly finished his Auror training. However, something comes up in his character testing which may prevent him from qualifying: he is required to befriend an old enemy."
Notes: Written for hd_holidays 2006. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Their Kind of Forever (NC-17; or here) by furiosity
"The final part of Harry's Auror training forces him to walk the line between truth and lie, between the wizarding world and the Muggle world, between the life he thought he'd have and the disappointing reality. And through it all, he finds unexpected solace in a most unlikely person's company."
Notes: Written for merry_smutmas 2006. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Tissue of Silver (R) by fearlessdiva
"A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf."
Notes: Auror Harry is sent to protect Draco. Post-Hogwarts, long.
Sequel: Seeing the Light (PG-13) by fearlessdiva
There are also a few other shorter fics which go with these two fics; they can be found here.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (R; or here) by novembersnow
"In the war-torn years after Hogwarts, one man has no knowledge of his yesterdays."
Notes: Draco has amnesia. Post-Hogwarts, disability-fic, long.
There are also a few shorter fics which go with this fic; they can be found here.

Virtual Romance (R) by the_viper_room
"Wizards + modern technology = a virtual romance. Unless Harry remains forever oblivious."
Notes: Harry and Draco start emailing and texting each other. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

War Wounds (NC-17; or here) by silentauror
"Some wounds take longer to recover from than others. HP/DM, with background HP/GW. Themes of alcoholism, love triangles, and dubious fidelity."
Notes: Post-Hogwarts, medium.

The Yellow House (NC-17; or here) by katjad
"Five years after the war, Draco Malfoy's life is in danger. It's up to Harry Potter to protect him."
Notes: Written for lameos_maximus. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

You Had Me At Hallo (PG-13; ch. [1] [2] [3]) by 142978
"You know that story wherein Draco becomes a Muggle recluse after the War, and it's up to secret-agent!Auror!Harry to bring him back to the Ministry, but they end up falling in love?"
Notes: In this one, Draco's the Auror. Post-Hogwarts, disability-fic, short.

~*~ Other crime fighting professions ~*~

Adventures in High Life (NC-17; or here) by wildestranger
"Harry, as the head of the Department of Dark Artefacts and Other Objects Unsuitable for Wizardkind, decides to investigate the Malfoy Mannor in order to settle once and for all that the Malfoys keep no dark artefacts there. While he stays at the Manor, he has to attend different society events together with the Malfoys." (my summary)
Notes: Written for the serpentinelion Secrets and Wishes Fest. Harry is the head of the Department of Dark Artefacts and Other Objects Unsuitable for Wizardkind. Post-Hogwarts, humour, medium.

Beyond the Lethe (PG-13) by zionsstarfish
"For Harry, forgetting was easy..."
Notes: Harry needs to go back to the wizarding world to find out whether Voldemort really died. He has amnesia. Draco works with Aurors. Post-Hogwarts, disability-fic, medium.

Boxing Day (NC-17) by yeats
"After the war is won and the world is made anew, Harry Potter finds he doesn't understand this one nearly as well as the old."
Notes: Harry is an agent (sort of like an Auror). Post-Hogwarts, short.

Brave New World (NC-17) by silentauror
"The first post-war Christmas is coming to Grimmauld Place. As the Order of the Phoenix ponders its future, Harry sorts through a maze of war records and quickly begins to see that not everything is as it should be..."
Notes: Written for merry_smutmas 2006. Harry investigates the people involved in the Second War and writes reports about their activities during the War. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

The Death of a Soul, A Blowjob Beneath a Table, and the Rain of Toads that Followed (NC-17; or here) by phaballa
"Severus Snape was dying. Not in the way that one normally thinks of as dying, what with the failing of body and mind and so forth. He was barely fifty years old after all, and considering his genetic makeup (recent history notwithstanding, of course, and adjusting for his rather disgusting Muggle father whose blood would no doubt decrease his life span by no less than five years) Severus had at least another seventy-five years left to live. He was in his prime, really, but instead of being on his third glory-seeking wife and seventh trollopy mistress he was stuck inside this school, dying."
Notes: Written for merry_smutmas 2005. Harry works for MLES (Magical Law Enforcement Squad), but is not an Auror. Post-Hogwarts, humour, short.

Gone Down the Angel on a Lonely Night (NC-17) by femmequixotic
"Eight years after the end of the war, Harry stumbles upon Draco in an unexpected place: Islington."
Notes: Written for hd_holidays 2006. Harry is a policeman. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

The Goodness of Their Hearts (R; or here) by taratext
"Malfoy Security Inc. is hired when Harry Potter, the Chudley Cannons' star Seeker, receives some disturbing letters."
Notes: Draco owns Malfoy Security Inc. Post-Hogwarts, medium.

Paying the Piper (NC-17; or here) by sansa1970
"One small town, two murders and countless suspects. Police Chief, Severus Snape, and his reluctant side-kick Draco Malfoy must discover the truth behind the crimes before anyone else loses their life. Circumstances become even more complicated when new kid in town, Harry Potter, turns out to be the biggest mystery of all. Prepare for murder, intrigue and suspense."
Notes: Harry is an Agent at the Bureau. AU, no magic, long.

Set Me Free (NC-17; or part [1] [2]) by jairissa
"Everyone always told Harry to grow up. Now that he has, when is the promised happiness going to arrive?"
Notes: Written for hd_holidays Summer 2007. Harry works at the Department for the Prevention of Magical Mischief. Post-Hogwarts, humour, medium.
2nd-Sep-2007 12:21 am (UTC)
Hey, great list, thanks for effort!

I just reading through and thought to tell you that "The Way we get by" is more of an interlude than a sequel to "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (since it's not a continuation but a different POV and it wouldn't make much sense for a WiP to have a sequel anyway) :p

2nd-Sep-2007 12:47 am (UTC)
Ah, you're right. I have a system of adding sequels to fics, but I often forget that not all of them are sequels exactly. I'll have to fix that. Thanks for telling me! :D
14th-Feb-2009 05:23 pm (UTC)
hey!!! I love this list =)
I was wondering... where is Sansa's fic "Paying the Piper" :S I can't find it anywhere!!!! please help =)
6th-Aug-2009 02:38 pm (UTC)
Momenti Diversi doesn't seem to have any working links anymore. O_O


found a working link maybe...?
17th-May-2010 06:24 am (UTC) - Another recommendation
Hi, I love your lists :) Another fic I highly recommend is Malfoy, P.I. by Nancy at http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/nancy/MPI.html
It's... kind of hard to summarize without giving too much away, so I'll just use Nancy's summary: "I'm Draco Malfoy, private investigator. I've seen a lot--I mean a lot, and I'm like sweet seventeen a lot. I thought I'd seen it all, until a pair of green eyes stepped into my office." A noir AU set in L.A. where passion and magic collide. Slashy and sexy.
It's a GREAT read! One of the best fics I have ever read which is really saying something. :)
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