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Sulky Rhino
Poll: Harry/Draco Fandom Classics - Results 
18th-Sep-2007 01:23 am
~*~ Poll results ~*~
- There were 211 fics listed in the poll.
- In the poll I asked which ones of the listed fics people have read.
- The poll opened on 5 September (Wednesday) and closed on 14 September (Friday).
- Approximately 528 people voted in the poll.*
- On average, one person read 58 stories.
- 25 of the fics received more than 50% of the votes. 50% was approximately 262 votes. These 25 fics are listed alphabetically below.
- The fic which received the most votes was Irresistible Poison with 398 votes (74.7%).

~*~ 25 most voted for fics ~*~
Beautiful World (R) by starflowers | Cinnamon
"Draco is afraid of living and Harry is afraid of dying, but sometimes the choice isn't offered. Draco's got to learn what it is to really live, while showing Harry how beautiful the world really is when you're not too scared to see it."

Beneath You (R) by starflowers | Cinnamon
"Draco had no idea that the repercussions of stealing Potter's journal and shoving it down the back of his trousers would be so extreme. Featuring nefarious plots, the mating rituals of Slytherins, double-crossing spells, Ron/Pansy, and Draco/Harry."

Big Dick, Come Quick (NC-17; or here) by calanthe_fics | Calanthe
"Draco's got a theory. About sex. And after much searching for the right candidate, it appears that only Harry Potter, his life long enemy, can help him test it out."

Bond (R; or here) by annafugazzi
"Yet another one of those Harry And Draco Are Forced To Be Together By Something Beyond Their Control And Then Stuff Happens Leading To Twoo Wuv stories. Because every HD writer has to write at least one."

A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished (NC-17) by mirabellawotr | Mirabella
"Um... dracoisaveelaandHarryishismate. Shut up."

Eclipse (PG-13; or here) by mijan | PhoenixSong
"'You're dead, Potter... I'm going to make you pay...' Draco swore his revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and Harry all but laughed at him. But Draco is planning more than schoolyard pranks this time. The old rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. It's the perfect plan, guaranteeing revenge, power, and prestige, all in one blow. But, when Draco's world turns upside down, the fight to save himself and Harry begins, and the battle will take them both through hell and back. If they come back."

Gold Tinted Spectacles (NC-17; or here) by beren_writes | Beren
"Harry is about to enter his seventh year, and things are a little strange. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart when Sirius died. He is looking for someting, and to his confusion it seems to involve Draco Malfoy."

A House With A White Picket Fence (R; or here) by silentauror
"Harry, happily married and busy with his Auror career, thinks his life is perfect until he starts discovering what he's been missing all this time..."
Sequel: A House With A Blue Door (NC-17; or here) by silentauror
"Sequel to A House with a White Picket Fence. (But smuttier!)"

If You've A Ready Mind (PG-13; or here) by mistful | Maya
"A re-telling of the Harry Potter books with Draco Malfoy as a Ravenclaw. Special features include Anthony Goldstein's inhaler, Cho Chang's charms, Gregory Goyle's alarming identity crisis and Ron Weasley's allegedly enormous broom."

Irresistible Poison (PG-13; or here) by iscaris | Rhysenn
"A Harry/Draco SLASH romance. Under the influence of a love potion, Draco learns that poison doesn't always bring death -- there are other ways to suffer and live. Chemical emotion runs feverish as Harry and Draco discover the intoxication of love. Written by a remorseless slash girl *g*, this story explores the intricate relationship between Harry and Draco."

Left My Heart (NC-17; or here) by emmagrant01
"Post-Hogwarts. Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to find him."
Sequel: Surrender the Grey (NC-17; or here) by emmagrant01
"Draco Malfoy returns to London after five years of self-imposed exile to start a new life with Harry. But will the secrets of the past destroy everything they've worked for?"

Lettered (NC-17; or here) by pir8fancier
"Draco's love affair with his quill gets him in trouble."

The Lodger (PG-13; or here) by mad_martha
"Years after Voldemort's death and the end of the war, a lonely and alienated Harry Potter decides to take in a lodger. The result isn't quite what he anticipated. He has more in common with his new housemate than he expected, and together they learn to look life - and the wizarding world - in the face again."

Love Under Will (R; or here) by bookshop | Aja WIP
"In their 5th year, Harry and Draco choose to be with one another; but the story--and the battle-- is just beginning..."
Note: Fic is abandoned.

Seamus is Seamus and You are Yourself (PG-13; or here) by arimunami
"Harry goes through some... er, changes before Sixth Year. Everyone, including Draco Malfoy, sits up and takes notice."

Seeker to Seeker (NC-17; or here) by BaronNomaw
"What begins as a slashy bet on the Quidditch field soon develops into something much more significant."

A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing (R; or here) by mahaliem
"Set in Seventh Year. Draco hits his head and wakes up in a world where he's a Gyffindor and Harry is a Slytherin."

Tempus Fugit (R; or here) by stylophile | Poison Pen
"A monumental cock-up in Potions means that Harry and Draco have more to contend with than mutual enmity. A journey of discovery, self-reflection and love."

A Thousand Beautiful Things (NC-17) by geoviki | Duinn Fionn
"Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend."
Sequel: Delicate Sounds of Thunder (R) by geoviki | Duinn Fionn
"Draco knows that happily ever after is for fairy tales. When someone threatens to expose his wartime past, he risks his life to protect his secrets, but learns he's not the only one with something to hide."

Tissue of Silver (R) by fearlessdiva
"A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf."

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (R; or here) by novembersnow | November Snowflake
"In the war-torn years after Hogwarts, one man has no knowledge of his yesterdays."

Transfigurations (NC-17) by resonant8
"Five years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts."

Underwater Light (R; or here) by mistful | Maya
"Featuring an extremely depressed Harry, in a war-torn wizarding world, about to get the shock of his life when he discovers that Draco Malfoy is slightly more important to him than he would have ever guessed. Including a very odd friendship, lots of angst, suspicions, conflicted loyalties, clueless Ron, on-the-warpath Hermione and two very messed-up boys."

The Veela Enigma (R) by jennavere
"What if some of Draco's ancestors, pretending to be purebloods, concealed the truth about their veela heritage? You'd end up with one very confused Draco Malfoy, who's fallen head over heels in love with Harry Potter and has no idea why."

Walking the Line (NC-17; or here) by silentauror
"Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him."

~*~ Miscellaneous about the 25 fics ~*~
- 2 of them were posted in 2001, 2 in 2002, 9 in 2003, 6 in 2004 and 6 in 2005.***
- 15 of them are set during the Hogwarts years, 1 during Horcrux hunting and 9 are set post-Hogwarts.
- Only 5 fics have a lower rating (PG-13 or lower). 20 of them are rated R or higher.
- Only 1 of the fics is a WIP.
- Out of these 25 fics, 1 of them is short in length, 5 are medium and 19 of them are long.
- There are 2 AU fics and 1 time travelling fic on this list.
- 5 fics are humorous and 3 are creature-fics.
- 3 authors have two fics each on this list.
- I won't tell the exact number of votes each fic received. I will tell the authors, though, if they ask. :)

~*~ General information about the poll ~*~
- The poll was made from a list of H/D Fandom Favorites/Classics that gossymer posted in the beginning of September. She compiled the list by looking at past fandom surveys and lists, where people listed, suggested or voted for the fics they thought were fandom classics or favourites. If you want to see the list of surveys or know the reasons why she posted the list, please go to this post. :)
- In general, people commenting on the poll had three main concerns about the fics on the list: some fics on the list are not Harry/Draco; they're all older fics / newer fics are missing; some of them shouldn't be on the list because I don't like them / my favourite fics aren't on the list. Personally, I agree with a few of these. However, neither I nor gossymer decided about which fics should be on the list. It was compiled from older lists, so the fics on this list are there because the people participating in fandom surveys said they should be. :)

* I don't know the exact number because many people forgot to answer the first question. I tried to calculate it from the percentages, but every fic gave me a different result. The result was usually somewhere between 524 and 533. I settled on 528.**
** As some of you know, the first poll I posted didn't work because people's votes got cut off, usually after they ticked about 80 fics. In that first poll 23 people voted. I asked if they could vote again, and I am certain that at least 13 of them did, so their votes weren't lost. However, that still means that the other 10 people's votes were probably lost. I couldn't check whether they did vote, because it's impossible to see the whole results of the poll when so many people have voted in it. It is possible, however, that they voted again too. I thought about adding their votes, but since I wasn't sure whether they voted or not, I decided not to. I apologise to those 10.
*** By posted I mean when the first chapter of the fic was posted. I got these dates from the archives or journals of the authors.

Thanks to all for voting!!! :D
Slytherin vs Gryffindor
18th-Sep-2007 12:59 am (UTC)
Wow - that is alot of information! And I had read most of these, but not all (or maybe I don't remember them...I know they are classics, but I like what I like and just re-read that...).

The penguins send cookies for all your hard work!! ((hugs))
18th-Sep-2007 09:28 pm (UTC)
Yay, penguin cookies! Thanks! :D
(Deleted comment)
18th-Sep-2007 10:20 am (UTC)
It scares me...O.o

18th-Sep-2007 02:11 am (UTC)
Wait what wait - Bond is on this?

::is gobsmacked::

I was stunned it was even on the original list of 125. Whoa.

I do see what people mean about the subjectivity of the list, but I thought it was pretty clear that gossymer wasn't saying these were the best of the best of the best; just many of the older/popular ones. It didn't sound to me like she was saying a fic being on the list was a guarantee that it was high quality literature. I can think of at least a dozen fics that I would have included, many of them (IMHO) better than most that were on the list. ::shrug:: You can't please everyone.

Interesting poll results. You must have a lot of patience to do this :)
18th-Sep-2007 04:08 am (UTC)
I thought it was pretty clear that gossymer wasn't saying these were the best of the best of the best; just many of the older/popular ones

I completely agree with you. I admit I was a little taken aback by some of the grumbling I saw about the list, (not that I wouldn't have wanted to add some of my favorites to the list too). All gossymer really did was compile a list of other people's lists. She never said those were the top 225 h/d fics ever. And, of course, many of the fics are going to feel dated (a complaint I heard in several discussions was that many had not heard half of the fics on the list) since three of the lists she used were made in 2004.

Furthermore, there were a more than a fics on the big list that I checked as having read even though I'll admit to feeling lukewarm towards, since the question was "Which fics have you read?" I think that in itself skews the idea that those fics are fandom favorites, which is a phrase I've seen thrown around.

Still, I very much enjoyed sorting through the list and rereading a few old favorites of mine (and updating a few of my bookmarks) and discovering some fics I had missed.
18th-Sep-2007 02:51 am (UTC)
Wow, good on you for organizing this!
18th-Sep-2007 09:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)
18th-Sep-2007 03:37 am (UTC)
Wow. That's one hell of a detailed survey. Just... wow.

And... *blushes* Wow again!

(By the way... I re-rated mine to PG-13/15 with one of the new rating schemes out there. I had originally erred on the side of caution and rated it R for language and violence, but most people said I was safe with PG-13. In fact, I got a bunch of comments from people who saw "R" and expected Teh Buttsecks. But most said they liked it anyway... even though they wanted the shagging.)
18th-Sep-2007 03:46 am (UTC)
*snickers* I wanted the shagging. *g* But I loved it anyway! *hugs*
18th-Sep-2007 03:47 am (UTC)
thanks for compiling and organizing the results!! now we need a "new classics" poll :D
18th-Sep-2007 09:30 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks! :D

now we need a "new classics" poll :D

gossymer and I are working on one. :P
18th-Sep-2007 06:46 am (UTC)
Oh, definitely like the alphabetical sorting, rather than by order of votes :) The stats were awesome too - the misc section in particular made me bouncy :D It figures that long, R rated fics would be the most remembered - we love our long, endless and smutty fics haha.

on a side note I found two options of external surveys we could use for the new classics - will e-mail you with 'em

BTW, the general info section makes me want to run over and glomp you XD
18th-Sep-2007 09:57 pm (UTC)
Yup, I got the email. I'll look at them now. :D

BTW, the general info section makes me want to run over and glomp you XD

18th-Sep-2007 10:30 am (UTC)
Very nice! Gosh, how do you have the patience to do that!?
Well, someone has to...:P

You said that you won't say how many votes each fic got - but you can see that, results are viewable to ALL...

Unless you're talking about something else...:D

Nice job sulky :D
I'd pay you to be my accountant...or, just to clean my room...:P
18th-Sep-2007 09:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D

The results aren't really viewable to all, because I based these results on the numbers as they were on Friday evening. The results have changed by now because more people have voted. And by results I also meant which place the fic got... It takes some time to organise them all to see that. :P

PS: You clean your own room. And come clean mine too, please. :P
18th-Sep-2007 02:11 pm (UTC)
Not much of a surprise here. But the stats seem to have changed again because some people have voted now who hadn`t before, I think. But what is really strange is that LJ cannot count out percentages convincingly!

I`m looking forward to take part in the new fandom classics survey and vote!

Thanks for taking the time and providing those fabulous stats!

Oh, and don`t let yourself discourage by people winging that they didn`t like some of the fics on the list. I didn`t either. Probably everybody didn`t. But this poll wasn`t about personal taste, but about good advertising aka meaning getting people to read the fics you`ve written! ;-)
18th-Sep-2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :)

Yes, I know the stats have changed. I wrote a note in the post right before the poll that I'm looking at the results, and that if anybody votes after that, I won't count their votes, but that people are welcome to vote anyway. And they did - about 10 more people voted. I have saved the poll results from Friday though. :D
18th-Sep-2007 04:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks, that was fun!!! I've read 19 of those 25...:D And Tissue of Silver was my first fic (and I just heard Golden Slumbers driving the boy to school this morning and I wondered if I'd ever hear that song and not think of ToS).
18th-Sep-2007 09:50 pm (UTC)
19th-Sep-2007 12:15 am (UTC)
Not that I'm underhanding your work, because you did a really good job, but I think you should have polled what the fandom has read and liked as appose to just the fics that we've read.
20th-Sep-2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
I thought about asking that question first, but then I decided to ask this one. I thought that with this one I'd find out which stories people read, and through that also which stories have been recced / talked about the most (because that's at least how I find out about good fics). :)

But, you're right, that question would have been useful. I would've put another question in the poll, but it was already so huge...
19th-Sep-2007 04:46 am (UTC)
Just wanted to say thanks for going through all the trouble of making this poll!

I did my part and participated, though after I'd submitted my answers, I realized there were some I missed. I have always sucked at remembering titles, and didn't realize I'd read something until I opened it again. *sigh* I swear, it sucks getting old! ;)

Anyway, though I've read almost all of the 'popular' ones on here, I've found a couple that I'd missed. And as 'dated' as some of them are, a good read is a good read and I'm delighted to find some new-to-me stories.
20th-Sep-2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :D

I probably forgot a couple too, hehe. :)
19th-Sep-2007 04:54 am (UTC)
More than five hundred people voted? That's a lot of people! Good work on the poll and analysis :) The poll itself made me read some new old fics and reread some old favourites and that's always nice :)
20th-Sep-2007 07:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D

I've reread a couple too. :)
(Deleted comment)
21st-Sep-2007 05:41 pm (UTC)
Hm, you're right, the story has been removed from FA. I wonder why they don't remove the story from her profile completely then... This is so annoying. :/

But you can still read the fic on her LJ and on her Yahoo!Group page. On her LJ the fic is here. The link to her Y!G page can be found in her journal. :)
29th-Sep-2007 10:04 pm (UTC)
I've only read 10 of the top 25 but most of my favourites are in there. Including my ABSOLUTE favourite 'ECLIPSE' (god i'm almost dying of anticipation for the sequel 'Convergence' to be updated).
I've only been reading H/D for about 2 months so i'm pretty much still working my way through all the classics. :)
I literally JUST finished reading 'Bond'actually, and it is now firmly in my top 10.

Anyway thanks for putting the poll together.
Great idea. x
29th-Sep-2007 11:39 pm (UTC)
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