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Sulky Rhino
23rd-Jan-2009 12:07 am - Not dead (yet)

Tired right now. Have been working all day. Might write a longer post this weekend.

How's everybody else?

PS -- Adopted two kitties for Christmas. :D

Anya bunny
24th-Oct-2008 09:48 pm - :o
Bah. Tonight is the first night in a really long time that I don't have to do anything for uni or for work, but I have no idea what else I could do. There's nothing on tv, and I feel totally uninspired to do anything else. I'd like to read a good book, but I have nothing that I'd like to read at home. I want to read something light, possibly silly. Any suggestions?

So how's everyone else? Have any of you seen any good new shows? I've been watching quite a few, but none that are new. And some of the old ones are becoming really weird. Like Heroes and Pushing Daisies. Am I the only one that feels that Heroes has become annoying? I don't like any of the characters anymore. The same with Pushing Daisies (okay, I still like the dog. And the pies.). And I liked them so much in the beginning. :(

Btw, does anybody still have the link where it's explained how to use Semagic to post on several journals at the same time? I have a new laptop (so fast and pretty), and I have to re-install everything. :)

Okay, so that I'm not completely useless, here are two videos and a webpage that'll make you laugh:

I - Oh Fortuna (Misheard Lyrics) (02:30)
Now whenever I hear this song, I keep hearing these lyrics instead. :D
Oh, four tuna!

II - Take On Me: Literal Video Version (03:48)
Have you ever wanted to know what this video is all about? This tells you. :D
There's a handsome guy inside this comic.

II - Palin as President (via smb else on smb else's LJ - forgot who, sorry)
A funny interactive website. Lots of things to click on.
She's a maverick.

PS: The LJ 404 Error page is really funny. Haha! :D
6th-Sep-2008 11:42 pm - I Aten't Dead
Just busy. Still. :( Too tired to focus on fics or to rec - my mind starts to wander too easily.

I have, however, found some time to read the crack that is Twilight (no real concentration is needed for it). OMG - best crack ever! :D I have to thank the Austrians for pointing me to it. *extra-sparkly sparkles for fourth-rose and cutecoati*

Seriously, these books are cracktastic! :D They're so funny (most of the time unintentionally). And the trailer for the film is hilarious as well. I think it must be because Robert Pattison keeps doing the Blue Steel expression. That's how he does *intense*. :D Like so -

(icon inspired by cutecoati's icons of Sparkles, Robert Pattison's acting, and Blue Steel)


How's everyone else? :)
Lenore vampire
9th-Jul-2008 12:03 am - Updates
Just a quick post to say that I'll soon start updating my rec list again. Err, starting with the recs I was supposed to put up in December. Whoops! O_O
Sombrero Giles
16th-Jun-2008 09:14 pm - Hello and bye :P
I'm back, sort of, except I'm going to Slovenia for two weeks (omg I'll finally get some sleep!). Then I'll really be back. :D

Just if anyone's been wondering. :)

*hugs to all*
Rhino kiss
20th-Apr-2008 08:27 pm - Maths
uni studies + 1.5 jobs + moving = 4 hours of sleep/night + crankiness D:

It should all be over by the end of May... I hope. D:
17th-Mar-2008 01:05 am - OMG! Look at this!!!
You should all run here!!!! naggawikka has drawn a picture of Draco in a kilt! Doing a Marilyn Monroe pose!!!! :D It's awesome!

So, go HERE! :D
OMG perv
14th-Mar-2008 10:15 pm - O_O
I'm back! :D [Insert excuses for being away - uni, work, exhaustion, etc.]

I think I'll have some more time from now on... Although I still have to finish my MA thesis from last year (why am I so lazy?), write a linguistics paper (I have no clue what about, although I might ask some of you for help - just to ask a few questions :P) and read a bunch of books for lit class (the only thing I'm looking forward to). But, ohwell, I'll do it somehow.

I've really missed you guys though. I bet a lot of fun/interesting stuff has happened while I've been away! Hopefully this means that I'll be able to find a lot of good new fic I haven't read yet. Any suggestions? Any news? :D There's no way I'll be able to check the last 2 months of f-list. :P

On another note, my paid account is about to expire. Should I buy one more year or not? I don't really know what's been happening with LJ and IJ for the last two months, so if any of you could advise me, I'd be really grateful. (I like having a paid account btw. D:)

About my rec lists... I'll try to update them as soon as possible. I can't say how long it'll take me, because I don't know when I'll have time or when I'll feel well enough to do it. I love keeping rec lists, but work has been incredibly exhausting lately, so that I usually don't have energy for anything on the days that I work. Meh.

And since my paid account is about to expire, here's a stupid poll.Collapse )

And before I forget... Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes. Sorry if I didn't respond to your posts. :( I'll try to find my way there in the near future... :)

PS - I'll be responding to all of your past comments soon.
Rhino kiss
7th-Jan-2008 11:41 pm - 2007 Holiday exchange fic recs #2
The second rec post - incredibly late and incredibly short. Sorry about that. :/

# recs: 6


08 December - 14 DecemberCollapse )


I think I might've missed a couple of fics from this week. I read them all three weeks ago, so I probably forgot a few... I'll add them later when I'll check the communities. :D
Suggah Daddy
19th-Dec-2007 01:03 am - Hiatus :((
Yup. I just have too much to do at the moment. I have a paper deadline next week - a paper that I've barely started. I really need to focus on that. :/

So I'm going to try to avoid reading LJ until after Christmas. My holiday recs will have to wait until then as well, although I might post last week's this week, since I've read all the fics from then - I think.

If anybody needs to tell me something, or thinks I should know something, or anything like that (even though I doubt you do :P), you can email me. Or use the message feature on LJ. I'm also going to have the chat programmes on while I write (because some distraction is nice :P), so you're welcome to say hi there. :D

And that's it.

Don't break fandom/LJ while I'm gone. Or if you do, bookmark stuff so I can point and laugh at it (and you) later. :P
Rhino butt
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